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Bangkok Guide

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Bangkok, is a city that never sleeps nearby canals and Chao Phraya River give a constant activity, streets as Sukhumvit or Silom always crowded, street shops and restaurants. Here you will find a bangkok guide, of the different city, shops, restaurants, hotels that offer their terraces brunch, secret corners (not only exists Grand Palace to visit!). Come spend a ONEDAY us to the city of angels. For sure it will surprise you.
Jo Bang Nak Ji | Bangkok guide

unpretentious what-you-see-is-what-you-get family-run restaurant

If you’re looking for a restaurant that it could well be a street food stall, if you want to escape from fancy tableware, flamboyant decoration and frightening bills then head to Jo Bang Nak Ji.

It is one of the cheapest options in Little Korea and that is why most of its clientele are workers from the area.

It has a basic but well-assorted menu; starters such as seafood scallion pancakes (200B) and gimbap (the equivalent to the Japanese maki, 120B), generous bowls of noodles (starting at 150B) and fish and meat stews (starting at 800B). Korean beer posters, old calendars and kitsch souvenirs decorate this unpretentious what-you-see-is-what-you-get family-run restaurant.

adress: 212/19 Sukhumvit Plaza, soi 12

Phone: 02-012-02-10

Business hours:
Monday to Sunday, 10:00-22:00

BTS: Asok (exit 3)

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