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Bangkok, is a city that never sleeps nearby canals and Chao Phraya River give a constant activity, streets as Sukhumvit or Silom always crowded, street shops and restaurants. Here you will find a bangkok guide, of the different city, shops, restaurants, hotels that offer their terraces brunch, secret corners (not only exists Grand Palace to visit!). Come spend a ONEDAY us to the city of angels. For sure it will surprise you.
Kukri Heritage House | Bangkok guide

Curious and little known house-museum in Bangkok

Mom Rajawongse (MR) Kukrit Pramoj was one of the most interesting personalities of Thailand, born into a gentry family and related to the royal family on his father’s side, studied at Oxford, wrote books, plays and poetry, founded Siam Rath newspaper and contributed to other newspapers and magazines for 30 years, participated in the film “The Ugly American” acting alongside Marlon Brando, also founded the first Thai political party in 1945 and became prime minister in 1975-76 , and was also known for his modern interpretation of Buddhism. All of a Renaissance man, somehow, and a connoisseur of Thai culture…

“Mom Rajawongse” (MR) is a Thai noble title that indicates he is the great grandson of a king.

The house that we visit is the one he held since 1980, but started to build 20 years before. The property consists of five teak houses elevated on a platform, in a Thai style, with one room, and connected together by a bare veranda. There is a sixth separated building from the top five, is a pavilion with a stage and was used for dance performances and public events.
All buildings are authentic Thai houses brought from the country’s central plains and have more than 100 years. Each has its function, the first that we have on the left going up the stairs was the bedroom, on the right there are three houses, the larger was the room where he received visitors, the smaller was the private sitting room, and a not very large house in front of the staircase was the shrine; across the bedroom we found another house used as a library, and at the end of the veranda a small pavilion dedicated to bird watching and where you see a pond and the rest of the wonderful garden. The ground floor, outdoors, was also used as a dining room.
The house contains many gifts of people like Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, along with a collection of Khon masks.

Definitely a unique space in bustling Bangkok, a place where the owner reflected the love for Thai culture and wanted to share with everyone as a museum after his death.

Adress: Soi Prapinit, accessible from Narathiwas Soi 7 or Soi Suan Phlu

Opening Hours: 10:00-16:00 daily (call before you go, as the place might be closed for private functions)

BTS: closest to Chong Nonsi

Phone: +66 (0)2 286 8185


How to get there: From BTS Chong Nonsi, cross Sathorn Road and walk down Narathiwat Road, then turn left into Narathiwat Soi 7 (should take about 20 minutes from BTS).

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