Garage Door Repair Myths

Did you know there is many garage door myths out there? If you were unaware of the fact, the truth is here, and it can set you free! So often, the misconceptions of garage door repair omaha prevent homeowners from calling for service when it is needed, adding frustrations to their day and added expense to their budget when they finally decide to make the call. Read below some of the most common garage door myths and no longer believe what is untrue!

Garage Door Maintenance is Unimportant

Maintaining your garage door prolongs the lifetime and beauty of the door. Furthermore, it reduces the need for repairs that can become expensive and overburdening very quickly. It is important to keep an eye on the garage door, lubricate moving parts, replace damaged parts, and otherwise maintain the unit!

DIY Repair is Just as Good

There’s many reasons why DIY garage door repair isn’t as worthwhile as that offered from a professional. First, you aren’t an expert. Second, you likely do not possess the necessary tools to make a repair. Third, there’s no warranty or guarantee when you DIY. Shall we continue? DIY repair is usually the worst way to make a repair, at least if you want it done the right way.

Replacement Parts are Unimportant

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Replace any worn out or damaged parts in your garage door as soon as possible. But, do not replace them with second hand parts of no name parts that will not provide proper use or durability. Quality, name brand parts ensure long-lasting use of your garage door.

Garage Door Repair is Expensive

The costs of repairing a garage door vary. Numerous factors impact these costs, including the type of repair needed and the company hired for the job. Free estimates make comparing costs with several companies simple. Make sure to request estimate and compare prices to ensure that you pay the best price for your needed repairs.

All Companies are Created Equal

Never hire a company without a license and insurance. Those companies are out there, but working with them is dangerous and can result in more problems than it is worth. Choose a garage door repair Omaha company that is experienced, reputable, professional, and who offers good pricing for the services that you require.